The Writing Diaries

title - (normally plural) prepared substance introduced right into a Motion picture or Television clearly show to offer credits or signify dialogue or clarify an action; "the titles go by speedier than I can go through"

entire body of labor, oeuvre, do the job - the entire output of a author or artist (or a substantial Portion of it); "he researched the entire Wagnerian oeuvre"; "Picasso's function could be divided into durations"

You become a good writer just as you become a excellent joiner: by planing down your sentences —Anatole France

Good writing is really a style of skating which carries from the performer where by he wouldn't go —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Uncommon. handwriting, Specifically a selected kind of handwriting including that of a certain particular person or period of time.

a sort of divination involving the assessment of letters, possibly from a graphological standpoint. Also onomancy.

adaptation, Variation - a published operate (being a novel) that's been recast in a different kind; "the play can be an adaptation of a short novel"

sprint off, fling off, scratch off, toss off, knock off - publish rapidly; "She dashed off a Observe to her husband declaring she would not be household for supper"; "He scratched off a thank-you Be aware to your hostess"

to history in writing. She wrote down every single word he claimed. neerskryf يُدَوِّن، get more info يُسَجِّل записвам anotar / tomar nota zapsat aufschreiben skrive ned γράφω, σημειώνωanotar, apuntar üles kirjutama نوشتن؛ یادداشت کردن kirjata ylös mettre par écrit לִכתוֹב, לִרשוֹם लिखना zapisati leír mencatat skrá, skrifa niður annotare 書き留める 기록하다, 적다 užrašyti pierakstīt menyalin; mencatat opschrijven skrive opp/ned zapisać یاد داشت کول assentar a Writing scrie/a nota pe hârtie записывать zapísať zapisati zabeležiti skriva ner จด; บันทึก kaydetmek, yazmak 記下 записувати لکھنا ghi chép 记下

I receive a thing I contact sentence-fever that has to be like buck-fever; it’s a kind of extreme literary self-consciousness that comes After i try to drive myself —File. Scott Fitzgerald

"I believe writing does occur from a deep perfectly of loneliness as well as a need to fill some form of hole" [Jay McInerney]

The writer who attracts his material from a ebook is like one who borrows revenue only to lend it —Kahlil Gibran

No person can produce a true drama who hasn’t smelled the grease paint; it’s like someone composing who’s under no circumstances performed an instrument —Mary McCarthy

An creator released to people who have browse, or who say they have go through his publications, constantly looks like a person taken for The very first time to generally be shown to his long term wife’s relations —Jerome K. Jerome

one. (Letters of your Alphabet (Overseas)) a gaggle of letters or symbols written or marked on a surface as a method of speaking Thoughts by making each image stand for an strategy, notion, or issue, through the use of Each individual image to characterize a set of sounds grouped into syllables (syllabic writing), or by relating to Each and every symbol as corresponding about or accurately to each in the sounds during the language (alphabetic writing). See also click here ideogram

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